Rubin Without a Phone

Rubin went around without his celluar divice for 32 hours. He started Friday afternoon and didnt use his phone again till Saturday. This mean no calling or texting.

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Letters to Prisoners of the USA Being held in Illegal Torture Facilities

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These are a few of the letters people attending the Shakori Hills Grassroots festival of music and dance wrote to prisoners who are being held by the United States and illegally tortured. These are the thoughts of good will that strangers sent to strangers in hard situations. Is it because they feel guilty because they are american? Would they send a letter otherwise? It is hard to know the truth, but it is at least good to see that some people care.


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Getting Ready

in general, in order to look artsy fartsy for UNCSA it takes a long time to get ready.  first there is the typical stuff such as brushing one’s teeth, putting on deodorant and other miscellaneous tasks. those are things that can help one’s social capital. but does straightening your hair or putting on make-up affect  your social capital? i timed how long it takes for me to get ready and how my appearance affected who and the way people talk to me. it takes about 26 minutes and some change for me to shower (this does not include shaving). then to do my hair it takes 54 minutes and 24 and four different products  to blow dry and straighten my hair.  then my make-up takes 6 minutes and 10 seconds. while im doing my typical task, i think about what im going to wear. for the day i took time to do my hair and everything i received 12 complements, 5 from parents, college students, and people i dont know and the rest from my friends. the day i just rolled out of bed i didnt receive any compliments. while it appears that i get more socail capital when i prepare myself for the day, how much energy and time do i spend focusing on my looks? and were the conversation i had with the people interesting or engaging? while looking like a slob will cause someone to loss social capital, taking to much time focusing on yourself doesn’t significantly improve anything

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